Sunday, October 14, 2007


The rest of the ferry ride back to the UK was fairy uneventful other than speaking to a guy who used to supply meat to McDonalds et al, he was assuring me that the greasy fast food giant actually had the highest standards of meat anywhere and that it really was the best burger in the world. I prefer Burger King myself.

Coming down the ramp and hitting UK soil again, I spied Mark waiting patiently on the other side of the port fence with his Africa Twin and after a brief visit to passport control, we met up again for the first time since we all met in Equador, many months ago. I had figured that Mark would be the best person to meet up with first because I could get my bike slightly more 'road legal' and get all that beurocracy that I hadn't dealt with for so long sorted, ie insurance, tax and MOT. I was slightly nervous about HB's MOT inspection but I needn't have worried. Mark had been good enough to book HB into the local garage and the following morning, I was the proud owner of a shiny new MOT certificate. Straight through first time and not one issue after 37,000 miles! The inspector did have 9930 miles on the certificate until I pointed out that it was actually 99,300 miles.

HB passed 1st time!!!!

While Mark was at work, I got to work on HB and soon had all the oils changed, the air filter cleaned and even a wash in preparation for the ride home the next day. Their house really was nice though as it was built around 1520, however the door lintols aren't exactly suited for big lumbering oafs like me- mind your head! It was really nice to catch up with Mark again, though unfortunatelly Daisy was away on her new course that she's taken up since getting back a few months ago. It was great just to talk about the last few months with someone who knew exactly what I'd been through, and of course to get a decent pint of beer!

Mark and proper beer!

Thor, the biggest dog in the world next
to the lowest door lintol in the world- ouch!

Next morning, I'm off up the road to Edinburgh, stopping briefly at lunchtime for something I haven't had in a long time- a real fish supper out of newspaper! I make decent time and soon all the familiar names on road signs start wizzing past and before you know it, I'm back. I'm greeted by my sister, where I'll be staying for the next few months as my flat is still let out and its great to see her again. Mum is still on holiday and we catch up the following day. It really does feel weird to be back again and from what I've read from others who've done similar trips, it will take me a long time to adjust.

Arriving in Edinburgh

Trying on my old trousers-
I think someone's lost some weight!