Sunday, February 11, 2007

Huanchaco, Nothern Peru

We stopped off in Huanchaco by the seaside after a recommendation from Andreas & Kristina and stayed in the Hostal Naylamp. Its a nice, quiet little beach town where the local fishermen catch their er fish using reed boats, very similar to those on Titicaca, however these guys surf back in. Trying to get into the swing of things, we booked up a surfing lesson from the place a hundred or so meters north of the pier. Our lesson started with us looking like knobs wearing wetsuits on the beach practicing paddling and getting up on the board on the sand while getting plenty of amusing looks from the locals. Then it was of to sea, so we paddled a good bit out while Eduardo, our instructor, swam out with flippers. He then gave me a gentle push before a good wave came in and I have to try and scramble on to the board and remain sort of upright.

After a few unsucessful attempts, I somehow made it on to the board and did a rather pathetic wobble before falling off. And so it went for the next two hours and I even managed to get up and stay up a few times so I must have learnt something.

Oh, and Eduardo´s family run a little mexican restaurant upstairs so we popped in later that night to sample some of Eduardo´s mum´s cooking. And it was fantastic, best salsa I´ve had I reckon. It´s a shame though as he´d like to go to Australia to surf but to do that, he needs to work for a year to be able to go for a month. So if you´re in the area, please pop in and get a lesson. If he can teach me, he can teach anyone!

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