Sunday, March 11, 2007


Before leaving Coveñas, we enjoyed a quick dip in the rather warm ocean and then it was a fairly wet and soggy 3hrs to Cartagena where we had a hotel booked. Enroute, I had both my panniers thoroughly checked by a rather severe looking soldier which was actually a first. Furthermore, we´ve somehow made it all the way through Colombia without having to buy one of those motorcyclists waistcoat things they all wear here so I believe tourists don´t really need them.

We´re here waiting on a boat to hopefuly take us to Panama, and we´re also waiting on a new rear shock being delivered for Michelle`s bike so I reckon we´ll be here a week or so. After 3 days in our small hotel room, we finally found a good alternative, an air-conditioned appartment with a kitchen and balcony with secure parking (that doesn´t involve taking the bikes up stairs!) and a swimming pool on the roof- sweet!

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