Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Costa Rica- It`s a little bit like Wales!

Its a pretty tedious border crossing from Panama to Costa Rica. We took turns in doing emigration and imigration. I took the former which was relatively painless. Michelle took the latter which took about 2 hours while I chatted with the locals outside which wasn´t too bad.

A bit like Wales, sort of

Once through, we rode to Uvitos, a small place on the Pacific coast. We´d read about a hostel called Cascada Verde which was a commune type farm where you could camp and help out, that sort of thing. Once we eventually found the place, it was no longer working as a farm or commune. After speaking to a german guy living there, he let us pitch our tent in a timber shelter as long as we promised not to create any work for him. As it turned out, there were some other people living there while the place was in limbo: Polly, a vet from the UK who´d studied in Edinburgh and another german guy helping to renovate the main building into a hostel. The house in a fantastic setting up in the hills accessed only by a steep dirt road, the building itself is open so you can see all the nature around you. It was very generous of the people living there to let us stay for a night for free, even providing coffee the next morning and use of their kitchen.

Cascada Verde- Very ´Open Plan´

Just the ticket for a morning dip

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