Saturday, July 07, 2007

Sin City

The Glitz.....

The Glamour....

The Reality!

What can you say about Las Vegas? Gambling, the Strip, the Casinos, the lights etc. As all the hotel prices shoot up at the weekends, we timed just right so we arrived on a friday night so we knew it wouldn't be cheap, but somehow we got ourselves a room in the Hotel Imperial for $65.00, right on the Stip. I have zero luck whenever I gamble so we saved that for later, opting instead for a walk about the Stip. It was so hot even at night so we tried to keep the walking to a minimum. The Venetian Hotel is decked out inside to look like Venice with a real canal and gondalears, the ceiling is finished to look like the sky with sunset and sunrise simulated every few hours. $0.99c margaritas at Circus Circus went down well too.

Indoor Venice

The following day, we had planned to leave and camp somewhere to save money but we managed to get into Ceasers Palace swimming pool for free so we lounged about there for a bit to get out of the heat. For reasons still unknown, I thought it would be a great idea to go for a ride on the roller coaster which skirts about on the roof of the New York, New York hotel. All I can say is 3minutes was more than enough time. Thank God, there is a metro line running through the centre as there's no way you would want to walk the length of the Strip in that heat. My GPS thermometer was reading 53 deg C at one point so that might give you some idea. You may have heard of the 'all you can eat' buffets in Vegas, so without any delay, we tried the one in The Sahara hotel which looked like the cheapest at around $12. You pay to get in, then are given a fairly reasonable 2 hour time limit to gorge yourself silly. I was impressed by the sheer volume of food sitting on the tables of some people, obviously a ploy to avoid burning up any of those valuable calories going to and from the buffet table. It was about 7pm by the time we'd eaten more than our stomachs could ever possibly hold and we reached the startling conclusion that there was no way in hell we'd be camping anywhere that night so it was back to the Imperial to check in all over again and enjoy some air conditioning.

Ceaser's Palace pool

Sheer class

Oh, and we also managed to recklessly blow a massive $2 out of the kitty on the one-armed bandits. It was all just so crazy but hey, this is Vegas baby!

Whoa there big spender!

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