Sunday, October 22, 2006

After setting some of the greatest minds I know the task of working out what above message and rather nifty drawing on my mate Cal's send-off card actually meant, more than one person has now reached the conclusion that it actually means "I hear you saw off 6 or 7 months with a bike". Cal- we salute you!

Anyway, Friday's leaving party was so sucessful that instead of getting on with clearing my entire flat of all my worldly possessions, I spent most of saturday lying on the sofa doing my best 'Barry White' impersonation down the phone to people. I even brought my camera out especially but decided I'd rather concentrate on guaranteeing the rest of the weekend would be a right-off by drinking for 11 hours straight than taking pictures. Oh well, one day I'll learn not to do that. Thanks again to George for providing us with a great meal and for all my mates and family that turned up- I do believe a great night was had by all!

Somehow on Saturday though, I managed to buy the double mattress I needed to get for the spare room for the incoming tenants. I say 'somehow' as it took a few attempts to actually get to Ikea. I'd borrowed some straps to tie the mattress to the roof of the car (cheers Colin) however in my fuzzy state, I drove all the way to Ikea and then realised I'd left them in the office. I thoroughly recommend not having a hangover when going to Ikea on a Saturday, especially when you have to go there more by necessitiy than choice. Incredibly, when I got back to the flat, the mattress was even still attached to the roof of the car- amazing.

So as it turned out Sunday was actually the big flat clearing day, and thanks to Iain, my sister Anne and aunt Sheila (who kindly offered the use of her attic space to store my stuff- I think she's regretting that now!) my flat is now pretty much deviod of all my things except furniture.

So all that's left to do tomorrow is clean the entire flat, cart all the remaining bits and pieces including my trip luggage over to my mums place, hand back what remains of my company car to the office and go and get a devils haircut.

Oh, and remember to get on the plane on tuesday!

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