Thursday, May 24, 2007


After nearly 20,000 miles on this trip, I had so far managed to avoid being hit by anything much larger than an uncoordinated bird however all that changed as I was pulling into Acapulco. Skimming up the outside of a very congested line of traffic, I could see it happening before it happened if you know what I mean. The VW Beetle taxi driver makes a movement that stongly suggests he is about to pull a very quick U-turn right in front of me, and indeed he does. I heave the bike over to the left to try and avoid contact with the front left corner of the car now immediately in front of me however it is too late.

Crunch! It actually doesn´t feel as bad as I am expecting and when I open my eyes again, I am a bit further down the road but somehow I didn´t go down. I look around at the taxi, the driver of which appears to be in a state of shock as he´s still sitting in the line of traffic, however the best part of his front wing now appears to be ripped and dented to buggery. My rather solid Al Jesse metal panniers seemed to have caused more damage to his car than it did to my bike. And so with a ´see ya, sucker´expression to the driver, I shot off through the traffic leaving him wondering how the hell a bike just smashed up his car.

Speaking to an American guy who lives in Acapulco while I was having breakfast in a cafe the following morning, I ask what I really should see in Acapulco, to which he says ´oh, ya gotta see the cliff divers, they´re really something´. Well, I actually saw them the previous night, and yes, they were quite good, so I tried a different line of questioning.

´Er, so are there any decent bars around here I should maybe try?´

´Hmm, well let me see now. Well, I don´t know if you´re gay or not, but there´s some really great gay bars here in town´

Right, just fuck off.

Leaving town at sunrise

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