Friday, May 11, 2007


After the border schenannigans, I headed to Palenque while enjoying the lovely new Mexican scenery. I tried several places for accommodation, the first dorm I looked at was incredibly depressing and empty. Not feeling like commiting suicide just yet, I eventually opted for a room for $15, more than my normal budget but this one had cable tv, a toilet (with a toilet seat!) and good Lord, a swimming pool. I had quite a pleasant evening bobbing about in the pool with my beer and chatting to some of the other tourists there, some of whom convinced me I really should include Mexico City in my plans so I think I just might.

The following day, I set off to find the immigration office just outside Palenque however after speaking to several of the officials there, I was told it was `no problemo` and it wasn`t really neccessary. Hmm, we`ll see about that when I try and leave the country. After that, I set off to have some more water-based fun at the Misol Ha waterfall and Agua Azul, a few km´s up the road and en route to San Cristobal del las Casa, my next stop. The Misol Ha waterfall was not too shabby though I only had a brief stop there however I spent a good few hours at Agua Azul, it was a pretty nice day and the water was just so clear and refreshing in the heat. Its basically a nice, clean river where you can swim and float downstream but with the added bonus of stunning waterfalls and beautiful scenery.

Well it beats working for a living!

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