Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mexican Beachlife
I took the road south from Oacaca to Zipolite, a beach town on the coast. It turns out that this place is actually a nude beach (like I didn´t know) but before you get all excited, the goods on display were pretty horiffic.

Ahh, nice scenery, but er, wait just a second, what´s this...?



Getting there, I got totally soaked crossing the mountains but was totally dry by the time I got to the bottom thanks to the intense heat. I also had a bit of animal fun on the way (no not that kind) by getting hit in the side of my helmet by a bird and nearly running over a 1m long snake and a rather large iguana. I stopped off for the night in a cabaƱa place called Solstice for $10 a night. Very nice little place by the beach. After a wander about along the beach and averting my eyes, I bumped into Ceasar from San Diago (from the previous hostal in Oaxaca and he of the voluminous snoring) so we ended up having a pretty good night playing fooseball (?) and finding the only decent bar in the place.

It was actually very quiet there so instead of hanging around the following day, I set off to Puerto Escondido, about an hour up the coast and checked into the Mayflower hostel for $9 for a dorm room. This town is quite famous for having the longest breaking surf anywhere in the world called the Mexican Pipeline though you`d have to be mad to go anywhere near it. The waves were absolutely huge and the beach had red `no swimming`flags up so I gave the surfing a miss. The hostal was a very friendly place so I ended up meeting all sorts of folk there though surprisingly, this town was also pretty dead at night apart from a few drunk locals who seemed to be trying to pick a fight with me and Andy ´from London but from Vienna´. God knows how he got so pissed drinking Sol.

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