Saturday, May 12, 2007

San Cristobal De Las Casas (or the home of Mexican Ska music)

Having enjoyed a nice ride into SCDLC, I found myself a pretty crappy place to stay but it did have secure parking and cost $8, but unfortunately I was the only one staying there which wasn´t too exciting really. After a wander around town, I checked out a few places that had live music, falling in to one by accident when I heard the band setting up, The first band on was a salsa band in the Santana vein with a fantastic rythm section (my mate Cal would definately approve) with some pretty neat acoustic guitar playing. Next up was a local Ska/punk band who were just great, top notch rythms again and realy great bass playing. After these guys finished, I had a ticket for a free drink in a place next door which also had some music going on, it turned out to be the first bands great percussion guy but this time on drums, while the bass player was this really tiny guy which made the bass look huge, quite something to watch!

Crawling in at 1.30am and waking the overweight owner to come down in his underpants to let me in made up for him telling me I had helmet hair when I arrived.

Smallest bass player in the world *

* probably

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