Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Glaciers, Empanandas and Wind
Saturday 25th - Monday 27th November
We visited the Moreno Glacier today, it was simply breathtaking despite the number of tourists there. You can see it as you approach with its blue-ish tints and huge crevaces. We stayed for a couple of hours taking it all in and eventually headed off to El Chalten.

Morreno Glacier

Morreno Glacier, its rather large

The scenery was pretty cool, it started looking a little like a scene from a spaghetti western and eventually into something out of Lord of the Rings as the Fitzroy mountains loom in the distance all the way to El Chalten, growing ever larger as you approach. The road as usual, is pretty bad ripio but we eventually make it and find our way to the free campsite at the far end of the town. Its a very odd place as the town itself is very much like one of those western towns and you expect to see mothers dragging their kids inside and shutters being closed as you ride into town. The campsite is also pretty weird as there are loads of tents but no body there, some just wooden frames with sheets of plastic and others, older tents that appear to have been added to with, erm, more plastic sheets.

We had a great little trek up to Lago Capri the next day from which we got some fantastic views of Fitzroy itself.

´We like treking and we like to trek´

We were lucky though as the next day, the bloody wind just didn't stop so we just took a little walk round the town but had to abandon our plans for another trek as the weather looked like it was closing in, a great excuse to eat fresh empanandas in the tent and catch up on a bit of diary writing.

A bad case of wind

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