Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wednesday 8th November
As we had got ourselves a little base for a few days, I thought it would be a good idea to have a bike ride about the peninsula without the panniers as the ripio gravel roads here can be a bit rough. We had plenty of water and food although it did occur to me that my pucture repair and first aid kits might have been a good idea too given the distance between Puerto Piramides and Caleto is pretty vast not to mention quite remote.

Anyway, we cracked on with the gravel road after giving up on a sandy stretch as the bikes are just too heavy and eventually stopped on a quiet stretch of road because there was a great view of some cliffs. Once we'd parked up off the road, we headed over to the cliff edge only to find the beach below literally covered in hundreds of seals sunning themselves, so we enjoyed our packed lunch with this fantastic view.

We headed on to Caleto where the orca whales are supposed to snatch seals from the beach, and whilest there, we got a right telling off from a couple of park rangers who told us we we weren't allowed to stop anywhere on the peninsula except at the few designated points. Aparently a tour bus driver had dropped us in it, the bastard. I suppose that's fair enough though given its a nature reserve after all.
We did actually see some orca's though, about 5 or 6 of them but they obviously weren't hungry and left the seals alone. There was one seal on his own who looked like he was being the guard dog, keeping an eye out for the rest but he needn't have worried. We also saw some penguins and llamas whilst out and about, so a good bit of nature was seen by all. Penguins just don't look right in hot sunny weather by the way.

Anyway, after 120 miles of pretty hairy but great riding on the gravel tracks, we made it back to Piramides, totally knackered and covered in dust, but pleased with ourselves. It was then I noticed that the repair on my rear tyre I'd got done before I left the UK had failed and was now leaking, smashing. I did manage to do a bodge repair on it which should hold long enough to get me to Puerto Madryn the next day, hopefully. I used the BMW repair kit and thankfully I had my 'Motopump´ with me which just plugs into the bikes power socket and got the tyre re-inflated in no time at all- phew!

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Glad the MotoPump is taking good care of you! What an adventure!