Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Oh that fecking wind!
Tuesday 28th - Wednesday 29th November
At El Chalten, we'd met a nice German couple, Andreas and Kristina who are travelling on an Africa Twin so we have decided to travel together for a few days as we're going roughly the same route.

The Germans are coming- Andreas and Herr Bertie

We headed towards Perito Moreno but as Michelle and I had run out of cash and were running low on fuel, we decided to detour to Gobernador Gregores, which involved going along one of the crappest roads so far. That and the bloody incesant wind (still going as I write) just never let up making progress slow and at times dangerous having been blown into the gutter a few times myself. Having stocked up on cash, we intend to resume our route north to Perito Moreno tomorrow, winds permitting of course!

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