Friday, November 10, 2006

Tuesday 7th November

Whale watching today! We booked up with one of the many companies here, the hilariously named 'Moby Dick', but at least this one had been recommended. There were only about 14 people on board so there was very little of the usual pushing and shoving to see the whales. And see them we did, dozens off them, all trying to get off with each other as its mating season. One or two of them even came splashing about right next to the boat with everyone trying to get their best 'david attenborough' type shots.

When we got back to the cabena, we spent about an hour deleting all of our crap shots of distant whales and anonymous 'fin' shots, though we did manage to save face and found at least 3 or 4 semi-decent photos out of the 1200 we took today.


Maria41 said...

Wow! And in the mean time us common mortals get slaving at work! Thanks for making us dream!
It makes my day!
Next year it will be my turn! :-)

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