Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sunday 12th November
We made it down to Rio Gallegos where I'm supposed to pick up these tyres, and we'd met an Italian chap called Bruno who was riding a GS1100 so we ended up finding some accommodation in town together as it was starting to hail, not teriffic for camping really. After trying a few places which didn't have parking, Iain was approached by a woman at some traffic lights who said that she had a hostel so we followed her car there. it was pretty basic and the room Michelle and I got (the dubiously titled 'matrimonial' room) was one of the most depressing and cramped rooms I'd seen, having been chopped in half to make another bedroom. To be fair, it wasn't actually that bad and the showers was clean enough but when you turn up tired, cold and wet in a strange town, you're judgment can sometimes be a little impaired however I wasn't too taken with Rio Gallegos. The people here just don't seem as friendly as those we've met elsewhere although I could be wrong. I have to say though that pretty much everyone we've met have been some of the friendliest people I've met anywhere- Argentina really has been a pleasant surprise as I just didn't know what to expect before I came here.

Anyway, there was no word on the tyres yet so I'll check again tomorrow.

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