Friday, November 03, 2006

Monday 30th October
Cleared bikes today (!) which ended up costing $605 pesos and was slightly more than we thought. We arrived about 10ish and the bikes were eventually cleared by by about 4.30pm. Sandra helped us all day otherwise we'd have been stuffed- and for helping us through the entire process, she only charged us $100us each which was quite frankly a bargain. All we had to do was sign various papers where we were told to and go from the warehouse to one office to the next. It then cost us $75 peso for the truck to bring the crated bikes back to Dakar and $45 peso for forklift to take bikes off truck. We all helped out taking the crates apart and brought the bikes round the back of the garage. It was hot work but ultimatelly satisfying as we now had our precious bikes and can finally start thinking about moving on.

Again I got very sunburnt as I didn't put on any sun cream on today-typical Scot really.
I made some fairly good chicken fried rice and we got a bit pissed on a couple of bottles of $5peso wine and a litre of beer. All in all, a rather good day.

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