Friday, November 10, 2006

Sunday 5th November

We headed off early to Viedma but still had about 25kms of dirt track to cover before getting back on the main road so in addition to enjoying the riding, we took a few videos of us riding in the dirt to make us look really hardcore- not sure if it will convince anyone though.

On the way south, we came across a bit of traffic at a roundabout so being motorcyclists, we pushed our way to the front only to find that a lorry carrying tins of paint had shed it's load o the roundabout. There was paint everywhere and some poor buggers in CSI style overalls cleaning it all up. We made it to Viedma quite late on, and got some directions to the campsite. As usual, we could't find it but a passing local policeman noticed us blocking the slip road and came over to give us a verbal bollocking or so I thought. He actually gave us an escort to the campsite which was quite amusing however I think he was actually a bit embarrassed to take us there as it was a total shit-hole of a campsite with toilets that would make you retch though what do you expect for 4pesos each (about 80 pence). In honour of Guy Fawkes, we made a campfire and enjoyed a couple of botles of red- this adventure motorcycling business is really hard I tell you.