Thursday, November 16, 2006

Saturday 11th November
We left our makeshift camp early about 8am and headed on down the road to try and make up for lost time. As this road is so bloody boring and straight with no real scenery to speak of, I decided that today would require my mp3 player on shuffle to liven things up so as I set off, I was treated to the classic sounds of early ZZ Top, Ry Cooder and even some Erio Morricone, all totally appropriate for this kind of scendery though I really didn't know what to think when the disco classic, 'Burn baby burn' came on.

The wind just got ridiculously hot too. Sometimes I'm putting in and removing my thermal linings several times a day as the temperature just isn't constant here at all. We even saw some pink flamingos in some of the salty ponds you see by the side of the road, after which I was treated to the entertaining sight of Michelle dancing away to her Ipod whilst riding in front of me- you know those nodding dog things you get in the back of people's cars where the head wiggles about randomly,, well...

At one gas stop, we met an american guy who'd ridden from Georgia and had come down via Mexico all the way to Ushuaia and this was him on the way back up. The trouble was, he'd only left the USA about 5 weeks before so he was basically tearing though the continent without really taking in any sights, just riding. Each to their own I guess.

After an 11 hour day, we eventually stopped at Puerto San Julian, but not before asking the obligatory man mowing his lawn where the camp site was and then all 3 of us riding though the edge of some poor sods garden to get to the right road. The camp site was pretty nice with a lovely bay, a great setting to make some pasta outdoors and Michelle and I took a stroll along the sea front looking at the stars, very nice indeed.

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