Thursday, November 16, 2006

Monday 13th November
A quick call to Javier reveals that my tyres won't be here till wed or thur this week so we're out of here. The plan is now to get to Tierra Del Fuego today and we'll have to back track this way after we leave the island. We roll up to the ferry port in Punta Delgada and are eventually allowed on the ferry by the severly unhappy-looking official after letting all the trucks on first though. It costs us 22 pesos each and only takes about 20 minutes or so and soon we're on Tierra Del Feugo, quite exiting really.

The riding is also quite exiting. The gravel roads start quite quickly and soon we're battling to get past all the trucks that are just about the only things on these roads. I feel like I'm getting the hang of the gravel now and soon I'm tearing along at speeds of up to 60/70 mph. More than once do I think that it would really bloody hurt coming off on this stuff, but what the hell, it's great fun. Actually, this is one of the first days I've actually really enjoyed the riding. After having to stop at a couple of border check points as the island is split between Argentina and Chile, we make it to San Sebastian where I was reliably informed by a trucker that there is fuel here but there isn't. I check my map and it's then that it becomes clear there are two San Sebastians, right next to each other just over the border. The border officials are all very friendly and its really just a paper exercise getting things stamped and we even get new copies of our vehicle import documents which I wasn't expecting.

Anyhow, we get to Rio Grande about 7pm and are keen to get some acommodation pretty sharpish. We were told about a place called Hotel Argentino so we tried there but unfortunatelly it was full up. Grace, the owner, was great though and spent about 10 minutes phoning around on our behalf and she got us a room in the nearby Hotel Atlantido. It was a tad more expensive than we're used to here, nearly 8GBP for gods sake but hey, I wasn't complaining and it had secure parking. Iain headed back to the hotel after finding a takeaway place so Michelle and I found a really nice little cafe place with an original 70's look and some tasty food, with several cerveza's of course.

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