Friday, November 10, 2006

Monday 6th November

After leaving our delightful campsite and only narrowly avoiding the amourous attentions of the owners rather friendly dog, we headed off towards the Valdez Peninsula on Routa 3.

And it was bloody freezing. We stopped to layer up with every thermal lining we had which helped but this is something we'll have to get used to the futher south we go. And then there's the wind. This also picked up today but is peanuts compared to what we'll get in the south. The landscape also changed again, stretching off for what seems like forever, and roads a bit like those Marlboro ads so we took loads of photos and video clips of us riding towards each other. Great fun and there's really no traffic to speak of either. At lunchtime, we stopped for another steak just for a change and after telling the waitress our plans to head south, she then spoke to a lorry driver who proceeded to piss himself laughing.

God these roads are so straight, you find yourself going into a daydream with the endless monotany of it. It's quite amusing to see the signs warning you of a bend coming up and it turns out to be a turn of about 5 degrees- hair raising stuff you'll agree. Fuel here costs about 1.3-1.9 pesos a litre, which is about 35p. We really need to remember to fill up whenever we see a gas staition though as the last couple of days, I've been on reserve by the time we found a pump.

We made it to Puerto Perimides on the Valdez Peninsula by about 5.30pm and after deciding that the campsite looked crap and we were cold, we found a nice little cabana for 120ps a night (about 20GBPs) which has its own toilet and shower, something of a luxury. We also met up with Mike Anderson again and had a pretty average meal and a lot of booze- that man can fairly put it away! He's a bad influence I tell you.

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