Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Is this the End of the World as we know it?
Friday 17th November
After speaking to the cyclists last night, we realised we had actually missed the famous Uhuaia sign you see in all the overlanders pictures so we decided to head back to Ushuaia today. It was cold so we made it in under 2 hours and splashed out and got ourselves checked into the Posada for 70 pesos for a double room, something of a rarity for us. Then it was over to the Tierra del Fuego National Park to take our pictures though it was a bit embarrassing telling everyone that we hadn't actually just arrived from Alaska but were only setting off. According to the sign there, it's only another 17k kms to Alaska...

Give me a sign! (the right Ushuaia sign at the end of the World)

It's really a very beautiful place and we stopped off at the small post office by the shore to get our passports stamped with the 'end of the world'. The guy who works there has one of the best views I've ever seen from his 'office' with a stunning view over to the island and about a dozen wild horses grazing outside. When I said this to him, he only grumbled 'all ze days, all ze days' in a low voice. I had a brick wall outside my office window for 9 years so he should think himself

Post Office with a view

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